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Bankie Banx's Dune Preserve has been described by MSNBC as "The coolest place in the Caribbean" and by ELLE Magazine U.K. as "The
region's most artistically eclectic beach bar."

There is really on one way to get the real skinny on The Dune Preserve - that is to see it and experience it for yourself.

The beach bar is open every day from 11 a.m. 'til sunset. The restaurant is open the same as the beach bar, except that the restaurant is
closed on Monday.  On any given day you might find Bankie or his best friend Bullett handling the bar or chillin' in his office/hammock near
the beach.

You may not know:

The Dune Preserve beach bar sits on a 2-acre strip on Rendezvous Bay between a world class golf course and the world famous CuisinArt
Resort and Spa.  The beach bar, restaurant and backyard concert complex has been around in different forms since 1994.  At first it sat
on the beach fronting a 40 foot sand dune.  Over 15 years and 4 major hurricanes the beach has changed, the giant Sand Dunes are gone
but the Dune Preserve keeps growing and growing strong.

The land on which the Dune Preserve sits has been owned by his family since his childhood, and used to be his favorite camping spot years
earlier as a boy and young man.  The construction is primarily drift wood, pieces of shipwrecked racing boats along with regionally
harvested wood from Dominica and Guyana.  The counter tops at the bars is comprised of various hardwoods from Dominica which are
finished with resin used to seal boats.

It is the only beach bar in the world where you are likely to run into a former president, a former pirate and a former Wall Street big wig in
the same day.

The signature drink is Duneshine - a fermented ginger drink.  Slightly sweet with a huge punch.  The Dune Preserve is also well known for
the top secret Dune Rum Punch.

3 things that you can do by the Dune Preserve and nowhere else:

(1) Watch the most breathtaking sunset ever.
(2) Argue global economic policy with Bankie.
(3) Learn to build a boat with Bullett.

Celebrities who have visited:

We don't tell.


The Dune Preserve is pretty much an open air facility.  Cigars are welcome except in the dining area.
Bankie Banx's
Dune Preserve Restaurant and Beach Bar